All the major battle teams were discussing their strategies on dealing with such a troublesome opponent. The crucial point was that they had never experienced it personally, making it difficult to find a countering method. What did that sort of eating strength feel like?


Countless people were seated in front of all kinds of media early. SIG had also begun to broadcast highlights from earlier matches. At the same time, they had also started introducing all the outstanding warriors from the various battle teams. Although they had lost, they deserved to have such an opportunity


This was Lear’s suggestion. The ultimate move was to look death in the eye. Lear dearly wanted to know what the level of Aslan’s military officer school was!


There is still some time before the match begins. Let us recap the path to the finals for both teams. In comparison, the Sword Shield Rose battle teams path to the finals was rather smooth sailing, while the Saruman Snake battle teams path could be described as full of disasters. As everyone can see, they have really been down on their luck. Every single battle they had was against a seeded team. Who knows how those people from Aslan arranged it, but all that is no longer important. Now, what everyone can see is that the Saruman Snake battle team is about to stand on the finals stage. For the finals, not in the interest of the Versailles Empire, but from the bottom of my heart, I hope that the the Saruman Snake battle team will emerge victorious!


There was no retreating for Wang Zheng, and that was clear. As a man, he could not use mere words to prove his worth. He did not have the same resources as Kashawen, so he had to fight. If he were to lose this time, he would never be able to hold his head high up in front of Kashawen. Besides, he knew that Kashawen would not give him a chance. He had to win so that Kashawen could have no excuses.


Wang Zheng cracked open the Zerg shells with practiced efficiency, removing the disgusting goo. He took what looked like a tendon and speared it on his knife, then slowly returned to his original spot to barbeque it.

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Wang Zheng was not surprised. With Lear’s talent and forbearance, it would be an issue if he had not attained Earth-rank. What was uncertain was the level of his Earth-rank. Of course, what was imperative was how far his ability had progressed.


Ai Zhengyang was slightly stunned. He could feel it, of course. Before the match, he had assessed that Luo Fei was the only uncertain factor. He could create the optimum suppression but could not stop others from fighting as if their life depended on it. It was just a battle, would their lives depend on it?


“Dong Er, what is going on? If I were you, I would beat him up first. So crass!” Ouyang Ruoliu burst. “And to think he actually dared to talk about the championship. What arrogance! Where does it come from!”


The energy from the Heavenly Overlord Attack flowed through his entire body and a layer of silver radiance appeared on the titanium blade… Blade Aura!


It was not just Yuan Jing, but everyone else in the team also thought that way. Meng Tian had helped maintain their humanity, allowing them to persist and resist the urge to attack others and giving them no choice but to take the bigger risk to finish those weird missions.


Alright, back to the topic. Next up, we have the semi-final match between the Sword Shield Rose battle team and the Dynasty battle team. If the Dynasty battle teams battle tactics are well planned, they have a chance at winning, said Si Jiali as she tried to grab everyones attention.


At the Department of Commerce, he was cracking knuckles and rolling his wrists in preparation for a great performance, when Yan Xiaosu stumbled. Quite… crowded…



As for Lear’s tricks, he did not pay them mind. Firstly, he had no intention of pursuing. Secondly, this was Lear, who would always look for any advantage. It was almost like he could not be at ease if he did not have the petty advantage.



Aina was sure that her aunt would not resort to any despicable moves. Kashawen was master of foresight and inclination. On the bright side, there was no way to hide or struggle free. Even if they knew there was danger, they would still continue…


Saruman Snake would definitely not question Wang Zheng, but other people were not members of Saruman Snake. Debates arose all around. This Snow Li… did not seem like a main team member, and, in addition, the Saruman Snake battle team had become well known due to their physical techniques, so there was no use for an additional sniper. The most important part was that sending a sniper for an individual battle would be a gamble with a huge risk. There was no reason for Wang Zheng to do so.


The two mecha bowed their bodies like hunting leopards, ready to strike anytime. Using the power of the Holy Light, Ouyang Chuanyun steadied his imposing manner, at least not allowing the opponents strange aura to disturb him.

  • Both Wang Zheng and Jondi Lilick had absolute confidence in themselves as well as their team members respectively. Hence, in terms of the match up, both had chosen the formation that they were most confident in, attacking from the middle.
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