So as soon as the battle began, they would need to suppress him completely. They could not give Wang Zheng any room to breathe. They needed to press on to the finish line without any letup.


Kyle was calm after the match. They had had many matches with the Hail Cloud Alliance and knew each other inside out. They had given their best. The Zero Degrees battle team were indeed slightly stronger than them.


Lear was not going to be courteous. When Luo Fei had started eating, Lear knew what this fatty was doing. Although their plan was not talked about, Luo Fei knew Lear too well.


“I’m rooting for Wang Zheng starting now,” Qian Xuedie said, directly declaring her position. Lin Feng and the rest were not being chivalrous, and she did not like that. “Huiyin, what do you say?”


The energy coagulated to its tipping point. Di Maria’s talent was unquestionable. This was his signature killer move. Once his mental strength had accumulated, it would be unstoppable. This was unstoppable for everyone, even the Earth-rank warriors. But for Di Maria, this was plausible.


Kashawen left, leaving Aina pondering alone. Bringing Aina out was to prevent her from running away. She had been running for a long time now, but she could not hide forever.

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The equipment on Wang Zheng’s body was freed. He opened his eyes, and some static flicked out. The official in charge stepped back involuntarily. Wang Zheng smiled slightly. The awesome aura he had just realized just vanished.


In terms of mind games, Atlas long distance attacks had proven to be useless. When his complete control of the situation did not become an actual victory, the balance started to tilt to the other side. As soon as it became close combat, Atlas would never be able to match up against Wang Zheng.


An additional half an hour was definitely good news for Wang Zheng. He fell asleep while receiving the drip.


From the rune formations, an old man wearing a gray robe appeared. The expressions of Meng Tian and the rest changed, especially Yuan Jing and Menghas, who got ready to fight. This was a person from the organization behind all of this. Luckily, Xie Yuxin stopped their childish actions in time.


But why was he so unhappy? This was the true championship team. This was a true warrior.


The Heavenly Crystal King did not suffer much damage, but the Mayan inside was already rendered unconscious from the blow.


Almost immediately, Fatty’s whole body was drenched thoroughly. A suffocating fear came through. If he lost, the Dynasty battle team would be finished. Upon thinking of Lear’s look, it would be like the end of the world for Luo Fei.



Aslan went all out, since the competitors are great at destroying things, the colosseum was rebuilt using materials from out space, preventing the colosseum from being smashed into pieces. The materials used were an alloy, although the strength of the material is not durable to the extent where it is able to block heavy lasers, normal attacks are unable to scratch it. For the semi finals, the competition committee went to great lengths for it. More importantly, the construction experts from Aslan could not stand the slander anymore.



Between the ancient martial arts trio, Anluda had the most desire to become famous. He indeed had quite good capabilities, but he seemed to have forgotten that Lear was the captain.


In the battlefield, Mu Zhen did not seem to have any fear despite the immense pressure that he felt now while facing Ander Lucia. This was his opponents true strength.


The aura of the blade sealed off the air above. The surroundings were overcast by the wailings of the spirits. It was questionable if the teleportation box was useful at the moment, let alone moved.

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